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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC/testing] Upgrade the zlib_inflate library code to a recent version
On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 17:33 +0200, Jörn Engel wrote:
> On Tue, 4 April 2006 16:18:08 +0100, Richard Purdie wrote:
> > Upgrade the zlib_inflate implementation in the kernel from a patched
> > version 1.1.3 to a patched 1.2.3.
> s/1.1.3/1.1.4/
> I once pulled all the bugfixes between the versions into the kernel.

That's not what the header says :)

> > +#if 0
> > +int zlib_inflatePrime(z_streamp strm, int bits, int value)
> Was this code dead in 1.2.3 as well?

This code was commented out in the kernel by Adrian Bunk as it has no
users and I just followed that example when updating I'm sure if
someone needed it, it could be enabled.

> For the kernel, we can remove compat code against DOS compilers, etc.
> In this particular case, I believe we can just consider data
> compressed with PKZIP to be illegal and throw an error.

Agreed, there are places it can be tidied up a bit further. I was trying
not to make too many changes so any future updates against zlib are


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