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SubjectRe: [Devel] Re: [RFC] Virtualization steps
Kirill Korotaev wrote:

> Bill,
>>> OpenVZ will have live zero downtime migration and suspend/resume
>>> some time next month.
>> Please clarify. Currently a migration involves:
>> - stopping or suspending the instance
>> - backing up the instance and all of its data
>> - creating an environment for the instance on a new machine
>> - transporting the data to a new machine
>> - installing the instance and all data
>> - starting the instance
>> If you could just briefly cover how you do each of these steps with zero
>> downtime...
> it does exactly what you wrote with some minor steps such as
> networking stop on source and start on destination etc.
> So I would detailed it like this:
> - freeze VPS

when the VM stops providing services it's down as far as I'm concerned

> - freeze networking
> - copy VPS data to destination
> - dump VPS
> - copy dump to the destination
> - restore VPS
> - unfreeze VPS

and here is where my service is available again. The server may not know
it's been down, but the clients will.

> - kill original VPS on source
> Moreover, in OpenVZ live migration allows to migrate 32bit VPSs
> between i686 and x86-64 Linux machines.

I guess you're using "zero downtime" as a marketing term rather than a
technical term.

bill davidsen <>
CTO TMR Associates, Inc
Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979

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