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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Problems with USB setup with Linux 2.6.16
Joshua Kwan wrote:
> On 04/02/2006 07:09 PM, Alan Stern wrote:
>> If you were to continue looking farther down in the log, you would find
>> that ehci-hcd sees all those devices. Those that can run at high speed
>> continue using the EHCI controller. For those that can't, the switch is
>> reset and they get reconnected to their UHCI controller.
> That makes sense - that is indeed what happens when it DOES work (i.e.
> with 2.6.15), but the fact is that they don't come back in 2.6.16. I
> will try building ehci-hcd in and see what happens.

Around 2.6.13, I noticed that EHCI stopped working after a suspend/resume
(to/from RAM) cycle. So I updated my suspend script to unload/reload EHCI
each time, which fixed the problem for me. My script still does that.

Dunno if it's fixed in mainline or not.
Does unloading/reloading EHCI help you?

rmmod ehci_hcd ; modprobe ehci_hcd

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