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Subject[PATCH 0/9] CPU controller

This patchset adds a CPU resource controller on top of Resource Groups.
The CPU resource controller manages CPU resources by scaling timeslice
allocated for each task without changing the algorithm of the O(1)

Please consider these for inclusion in -mm tree.
Patch descriptions:

1/9: cpurc_load_estimation
- Adds class load estimation support

2/9: cpurc_hungry_detection
- Adds class hungry detection support

3/9: cpurc_timeslice_scaling
- Adds CPU resource controll by scaling timeslice

4/9: cpurc_interface
- Adds interface functions to CKRM CPU controller

5/9: cpurc_docs
- Documentation how the CPU resource controller works

6/9: cpu_init
- Adds the basic functions and registering the CPU controller
on top of Resource Groups

7/9: cpu_shares_n_stats
- Adds routines to change share values and show statistics

8/9: cpu_hotplug
- Adds cpu hotplug support

9/9: cpu_docs
- Documentation how to use the CPU controller

MAEDA Naoaki
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