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SubjectRe: C++ pushback
On Wed, 2006-04-26 12:25:19 -0700, David Schwartz <> wrote:
[Variable names that are reserved in C++]
> And, FWIW, it isn't even necessary to change those names. That is only
> needed to compile the kernel in C++, which is not what anyone was talking
> about. Supporting C++ modules, for example, would work fine even if the
> kernel had variables called 'class' or 'private'. (Though things could be
> done a lot more cleanly if it didn't as it would require some remapping
> before and after compilation.)

There's one _practical_ thing you need to keep in mind: you'll either
need 'C++'-clean kernel headers (to interface low-level kernel
functions) or a separate set of headers.

For separate headers, I see the problem of keeping them synchronized
with the kernel. The clean-up-kernel-headers-for-userspce-consumption
guys already took that bullet once and up to now, there's no "real"
result. (That's while we all know that kernel values *are* somewhat
for the userspace guys:-) I see an even smaller user-base for
separate C++ kernel headers (and thus more work per person)--and I
think that the current in-kernel headers just won't be C++ compatible,

[*] Famous last words...

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