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SubjectRe: Lock-up with modprobe sdhci after suspending to ram
Jani-Matti Hätinen wrote:
> Hello,
> For some reason I haven't been able to access sdhci-devel at
> for a week now, so sending this here.

I see nothing in the logs from you so I suspect it's in your end. Other
mail coming from (which is where you seem to be coming
from) are coming through fine.

> I get a hard lock-up every single time, if I do modprobe sdhci after
> waking up from suspend-to-ram. If I compile the module into the kernel
> (or if I don't rmmod it before suspending), I get a lock-up either
> when going to suspend (if there's a card in the reader) or during
> resume (if the reader is empty). With a fresh boot-up the driver works
> just fine. The problem occurs only after the machine has been
> suspended at least once.
> I've tested this with 2.6.15-gentoo-r1 with the sdhci-0.11 patches
> and vanilla 2.6.17-rc2. Sadly nothing gets as far as to the log when
> the lock-up occurs.

The kernel will not write anything to disk once a panic has occurred. To
see what's going wrong need to be in text mode (framebuffer is not
sufficient) when you do the modprobe.


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