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SubjectRe: Removing .tmp_versions considered harmful
On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 12:22:22AM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hello!
> A patch applied shortly after Linux 2.6.16
> (fb3cbd2e575f9ac0700bfa1e7cb9f4119fbd0abd in git) causes
> the .tmp_versions directory to be removed every time make is run to
> build external modules.
> 2) The projects where modules are build in more than one directory (such
> as MadWifi) are now compiled with spurious warnings about unresolved
> symbols. This happens because every module is compiled individually,
> and the *.mod files for one module are removed before the other is
> compiled.

Then fix madwifi so it builds modules as documented in
See: --- 5.3 External modules using several directories

As with many other external modules madwifi contains a lot of ugly
makefile hackery - and if done as documentated it gets so much simpler.
I'm aware that 2-4 support complicates things a little but if people
made it be slimm and nice for 2.6 and _then_ added 2.4 supporrrrrrrrrrit
woulllllld be much simpler.
It seems that people keep all the hackery for 2.4 and does a bad job
adapting to 2.6.

All the bad FAQ's out there does a good job confusing people.
Almost no-one mention SUBDIRS= as is preferred with 2.4 but seldom used

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