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Subject[PATCH 0/4] sbp2: improved handling of device quirks
Hi all,

the following series of patches reworks and adds to sbp2's handling of
buggy SBP-2 hardware:

[PATCH 1/4] sbp2: consolidate workarounds
Basically a refactoring, eases the integration of further workarounds.
This patch was posted on linux1394-devel before.

[PATCH 2/4] sbp2: add read_capacity workaround for iPod
There is a bug in newer iPod firmwares which causes IO errors as soon
as an iPod is plugged in, making it inaccessible. Usb-storage, which
has to deal with the same problem, already has the same workaround we
are adding here. The issue has only recently become known to also
affect FireWire iPods.

This patch of the series is actually the reason why I'm Cc'ing LKML
and AKPM: It'd be nice to have this merged sooner than later since
distribution kernels ship in configurations now which uncover this
device bug (particularly when EFI partion support is enabled).

This patch was posted on linux1394-devel before but I updated it
today to cover two more affected iPod models.
Requires PATCH 1/4.

[PATCH 3/4] sbp2: make TSB42AA9 workaround specific to Momobay CX-1
Makes an existing blacklist entry more specific, although no actual
harm was done when this workaround caught devices which did not
really need it.

This patch was posted on linux1394-devel before.
Requires PATCH 1/4.

[PATCH 4/4] sbp2: add ability to override hardwired blacklist
Some of the workarounds which are triggered by sbp2's built-in
blacklist may be degrading or even disruptive if unintentionally
applied to devices which don't require the workaround. As a quick
countermeasure which does not require users to recompile the driver,
a new flag for sbp2's respective module load parameter is provided
which disables the blacklist lookup.

Note: There has no such problem occured in the past, however as we
are adding more workarounds, such setbacks could become more likely.

This is a new patch.
Requires PATCH 1/4, also needs PATCH 2/4 to apply without rejects.

Stefan Richter
-=====-=-==- -=-- -===-

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