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SubjectRe: i386 - msr support for xen
Bastian Blank wrote:
> Hi folks
>The speedstep modules uses MSR to do its work. XEN can't allow this and
>the calls needs to be done via a hypercall into xen.
>I only found a hacky patch in
>, which
>converts one of the speedstep modules to use xen. Does someone know if
>there is another solution raising?

I submitted a better patch to xen-devel that removes the need to modify any
cpufreq modules - it directly traps the MSR writes and updates Xen's internal
timers, something the patch above did not do correctly.

Please ignore the previous patch and update to the latest devel version of
Xen, which should be incorporating the updated code in the next few days.

- Matt Yourst

Matt T. Yourst
Binghamton University, Department of Computer Science
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