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    SubjectRe: JVM performance on Linux (vs. Solaris/Windows)
    Besides, Specjbb_2005 doesn't do any IO or networking, and these should
    not be factors in the result.

    So although it's a simplistic benchmark where OS tuning may not provide as
    much benefit as JVM tuning, it still doesn't explain why Solaris is ~15% higher
    than Linux on the same hardware and JVM (I'm guessing that the tester did
    not spend as much time tuning Linux as they did Solaris, hence the question).


    On 4/13/06, Martin J. Bligh <> wrote:
    > > Note they ran the benchmark on an Opteron 285 instead of a Xeon with
    > > 16 GB of memory. Opteron peformance currently **SUCKS** with 2.6
    > > series kernels under any kind of heavy I/O due to their cloning of the
    > > ancient 82489DX architecture for I/O interrupt access and
    > > performance. Looks like the test was stakced against Linux from the
    > > start. Should have used a Xeon system.
    > > AMD needs to get their crappy I/O performance up to snuff. Looking at
    > > the test parameteres leads me to believe there was a lot of swapping
    > > on a system with already poor I/O performance.
    > >
    > Looks to me like it was the same h/w for Linux as Solaris, so I don't
    > think that's much of an excuse ;-)
    > M.
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