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SubjectRe: pchdtv 3000 cx88 audio very very low level

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 07:55:01PM -0400, Michael Krufky wrote:
> Andreas Mohr wrote:
> >A distant possibility might be that your card is a very specific rare
> >revision
> >of that thing and thus doesn't have a proper card type entry for it due to
> >almost nobody else having that card.
> >In the TV card area (just as in the WLAN card area) there are quite some
> >cards
> >sold under the *very same* name but wildly (or not so wildly but
> >sufficiently)
> >differing hardware (those manufacturer b****rds burn in hell please,
> >thanks).

> We have recently discovered that the programming for the pcHDTV3000 card
> was based on a prototype that used the Thomson DTT7610 tuner, and that
> this particular version of the card has never gone into production.


Do I get to keep the $100000 prize now? :-P
One day you wake up and think by yourself "surely hardware manufacturers
have screwed us enough by now, it cannot happen again" - only for it to *do*
happen again some moments later only...

> The actual version of the card in circulation uses the Thomson DTT7612
> ... You do not need a patch to correct this on your machine, at least
> not for analog NTSC mode. Just load your driver as follows:
> modprobe cx88xx tuner=60 (it will use tuner 52 by default)
> modprobe cx8800
> Tuner #52 is the previous tuner defined for this card, DTT7610, and
> tuner #60 is configured for Thomson DTT 7611 7611A 7612 7613 7613A 7614
> 7615 7615A
> The configuration for this card has been fixed in the v4l-dvb mercurial
> tree as of this morning. To update your v4l/dvb modules (so long as you
> are running kernel 2.6.12 or later) follow the directions here:

Does that mean that detection for this card is now fully automatic and
correct? I'm asking since this is what we should really try to achieve:
99% of people are John Does, and 97% of those would assume Linux support
for this card to be "nonexistent"/"broken" ("thiz Leenux SUCKERZ!"),
and a measly remaining 3% would know how to configure this stuff manually

Andreas Mohr
(that's the guy that has yet another mis-detected "close but entirely
different" TV card sitting and waiting for its bttv fix soon)
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