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SubjectRe: [lm-sensors] scx200_acb: Use PCI I/O resource when appropriate
Hello all,

> And so our dirty laundry is out... :)
> We have a sad history here - back a few parts, we had less descriptors to
> describe IO, so we opted to combine several components under the same PCI
> header to save resources. So the bottom line is that we have at least three
> desirable devices (timers, GPIO pins and the SMBus) that all lay claim to
> the same device. So a proper PCI header would be difficult to implement -
> either we would have 1 device that registered with three different
> subsystems, or we would have three individual devices, the first of which
> would get the PCI resources to the ruin of the others.

Well we had the problem with i2c-viapro and vi686a. Best solution was
to fail from the probe function - like this:

/* Always return failure here. This is to allow other drivers to bind
* to this pci device. We don't really want to have control over the
* pci device, we only wanted to read as few register values from it.
return -ENODEV;

release_region(vt596_smba, 8);
return error;

> So this is the solution I came up with, for older parts. For newer parts,
> I sat the BIOS guys down in a room with a guy name Bruno, and they agreed
> to make a separate header for each component.

This is good ;)

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