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SubjectRe: [PATCH -rt] Buggy uart (for 2.6.16)
Steven Rostedt wrote:

>I've noticed that you dropped my "buggy uart" patch. Probably because
>the 2.6.14 version would cause a deadlock on 2.6.16. I've sent you a
>new update, but it must have been lost in all the noise. Here's the
>patch again. If you don't think this is a bug, try running the attached
>program on the machine that deadlocked (it is the one with the buggy
>uart). Without the patch, the serial_test will miss a wake up, and then
>be stuck in the sleeping TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE state (at least you can
>still kill it). With the patch, it runs fine.
>I ran the program with the following parameters:
># ./serial_test /dev/ttyS0 115200 8 0 0 4
>(Disclaimer: I did not write this serial_test. It was hacked up by my
>customer to show me that this bug exists).
>This may also be a bug with the vanilla kernel, since I don't see why it
>is not. I'll run more tests on the vanilla kernel, and if it too misses
>a wake up, I'll submit this to vanilla as well.
>Some 8250 uarts don't zero out the NO_INTERRUPT bit of the IIR register
Can you name the exact 8250 model which is buggy ?

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