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SubjectRe: 2G memory split
>> +#if defined(CONFIG_DEFAULT_3G)
>> +#define __PAGE_OFFSET_RAW (0xC0000000)
>> +#elif defined(CONFIG_DEFAULT_3G_OPT)
>> +#define __PAGE_OFFSET_RAW (0xB0000000)
>> +#elif defined(CONFIG_DEFAULT_2G)
>> +#define __PAGE_OFFSET_RAW (0x78000000)
>> +#elif defined(CONFIG_DEFAULT_1G)
>> +#define __PAGE_OFFSET_RAW (0x40000000)
>> +#else
>> +#error "Bad user/kernel offset"
>> +#endif
>> +
>> #ifdef __ASSEMBLY__
>> -#define __PAGE_OFFSET (0xC0000000)
>> #else
>> -#define __PAGE_OFFSET (0xC0000000UL)
>> +#define __PAGE_OFFSET ((unsigned long)__PAGE_OFFSET_RAW)
>> #define __PHYSICAL_START ((unsigned long)CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START)
>> #endif
> Changing PAGE_OFFSET this way would break at least Valgrind (the latest
> release 3.1.0 by default is statically linked at address 0xb0000000, and
> PIE support does not seem to be present in that release). I remember
> that similar changes were also breaking Lisp implementations (cmucl,
> sbcl), however, I am not really sure about this.
it also breaks some java versions, so we use 3:4 Gb split in OpenVZ, but
redhat still uses 4:4 in enterprise version, so number of such
applications should decrease :)

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