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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] x86: Make _syscallX() macros compile in PIC mode on i386
    Markus Gutschke <> wrote:
    > Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > But we don't compile the kernel with -fpic... We might want to, for kdump
    > > convenience at some stage, perhaps.
    > Unless I am really confused, there should be no place in the kernel that
    > uses any of the _syscallX() macros. These macros are for the benefit of
    > userspace, and they get picked up by and distributed with glibc. They
    > just happen to be shipped and maintained with the kernel.

    Nope, there's an int-80-based execve() implemented in
    include/asm-i386/unistd.h. It's called from init/do_mounts_initrd.c
    and kernel/kmod.c (at least).

    > > If we do, it'd be better to simply replace those _syscallX functions with
    > > versions which work in either mode, rather than having two versions.
    > That is certainly possible. The new macros work in both modes, but they
    > are slightly less efficient than the old macros, if you have access to
    > %ebx (i.e. in non-PIC code). If you prefer, we could just remove the old
    > macros and unconditionally replace them with the new ones.

    I'd be OK with that - the kernel doesn't (shouldn't) care about the
    performance of __KERNEL_SYSCALLS__ stuff. I doubt if glibc is borrowing
    the kernel's macros.

    > > The syscallX() macros are almost obsolete - it's preferred that code simply
    > > include syscalls.h and call sys_foo() directly. But there are a few
    > > hard-to-convert places, iirc.
    > Are you thinking of the code that jumps through the vdso entry point?
    > That is not always an easy option for user-space applications which need
    > to remain backwards compatible to older versions of the kernel and of libc.

    afaik, execve() is the only reason for retaining __KERNEL_SYSCALLS__
    support on x86.
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