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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] reduce syslog clutter (take 2)
    On 09.03.2006 19:58, Jesper Juhl wrote:

    > On 3/9/06, Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:
    >>On 09.03.2006 17:34, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    >>>On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 03:02:57 -0800 Andrew Morton wrote:
    >>>>Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:
    >>>>>The current versions of the err() / info() / warn() syslog macros
    >>>>>insert __FILE__ at the beginning of the message, which expands to
    >>>>>the complete path name of the source file within the kernel tree.
    >>>>>With the following patch, when used in a module, they'll insert the
    >>>>>module name instead, which is significantly shorter and also tends to
    >>>>>be more useful to users trying to make sense of a particular message.
    >>>>Personally, I prefer to see filenames. Or function names. Sometimes it's
    >>>>rather unobvious how to go from module name to filename, due to a) multiple
    >>>>.o files being linked together, b) subsystems which insist on #including .c
    >>>>files in .c files (usb...) and c) the module system's cute habit of
    >>>>replacing underscores with dashes in module names.
    >>>True, just using module->name or whatever means that we would
    >>>(often?) have to do a lookup to see what source file it was in.
    >>That would be a valid point for debugging messages. However, we are
    >>talking about messages to users here. I maintain that the additional 20
    >>characters in:
    >>Feb 21 00:12:13 gx110 kernel: drivers/isdn/gigaset/i4l.c:
    >>ISDN_CMD_SETL3: invalid protocol 42
    >>as opposed to:
    >>Feb 21 00:12:13 gx110 kernel: gigaset: ISDN_CMD_SETL3: invalid protocol 42
    >>do not provide any useful information for that clientele. They just push
    > The filename may not be useful to the user, but the instant the user decides to
    > submit a bugreport to LKML or elsewhere it becomes useful.

    Then why does the majority of kernel messages not include a filename?

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