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    SubjectRe: Slab corruption in 2.6.16-rc5-mm2
    >> DEBUG_PAGEALLOC in particular is *fantastic* at making bugs hide.
    >> I've lost many an hour trying to pin bugs down due to that.
    > Is this backwards? We're saying DEBUG_PAGEALLOC is bad?
    > OK, what I'm going to try to do, given the recent comments re
    > CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB and also PAGEALLOC is to arrange with Andy to run
    > a debug kernel as well as a normal kernel for every test, and then
    > we can publish the results on For now it'll be
    > a seperate matrix, until I work out how to fold the 3d cube nicely
    > into 2d - I know I have to do that anyway, so no big deal.
    > Do we NOT want to have DEBUG_SLAB and DEBUG_PAGEALLOC both enabled?
    > Running multiple permutations is going to get really painful on the
    > systems involved. Any other requests for what gets enabled (I really
    > want to just stick to one 'debug' setup if possible).
    > I have no idea why I didn't do this a year ago <slaps self>.

    Oh, and I ported CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC to x86_64 last week. Will send
    out the patch later today.

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