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    SubjectRe: usbkbd not reporting unknown keys
    On 3/8/06, Dmitry Torokhov <> wrote:
    > On 3/8/06, Matheus Izvekov <> wrote:
    > > Just discovered it needs usb debugging to be set. But isnt
    > > inconsistent the fact that the atkbd driver does this differently from
    > > the usbkbd driver? If its a good idea to print those messages by
    > > default or one, why its not for the other?
    > usbkbd will only report standard keys and is supposed in limited
    > circumstances so it complaining about unknown keys is not very useful.
    > Why do you need it? Doesn't hid driver work for you?
    > --
    > Dmitry

    It works, except that i have some multimedia keys which are not
    mapped. Im going to add those to the table soon, thats why i needed
    those messages. So you think the usbkbd behaviour is the correct one,
    and the default behaviour must be changed in the atkbd driver?
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