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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Busy inodes after unmount, be more verbose in generic_shutdown_super
>>The code changes look big, have you looked at
> No I haven't. I like it.
> - Holding the semaphore shouldn't be a problem.
> - calling down_read_trylock ought to be fast
> - I *think* the unwanted calls to prune_dcache are always under
> PF_MEMALLOC - they certainly seem to be.
No, it looks as it is not :(
Have you noticed my comment about "count" argument to prune_dcache()?
For example, prune_dcache() is called from shrink_dcache_parent() which
is called in many places and not all of them have PF_MEMALLOC or
s_umount semaphore for write. But prune_dcache() doesn't care for super
blocks etc. It simply shrinks N dentries which are found _first_.

So the condition:
+ if ((current->flags & PF_MEMALLOC) &&
+ !(ret = down_read_trylock(&s->s_umount))) {
is not always true when the race occurs, as PF_MEMALLOC is not always set.

> And it is a nice small change.
> Have you had any other feedback on this?
here it is :)


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