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SubjectRe: RFC: Move SG_GET_SCSI_ID from sg to scsi
Douglas Gilbert wrote:
> In linux there is also a move away from the host_number,
> channel_number, target_identifier and LUN tuple used
> traditionally by many Unix SCSI subsystems (most do not
> have the second component: channel_number). At least the
> LUN is not controversial (as long as it is 8 byte!). The
> target_identifier is actually transport dependent (but
> could just be a simple enumeration). The host_number is
> typically an enumeration over PCI addresses but some
> other type of computer buses (e.g. microchannel) could be
> involved.

For some transports, not only the channel but also the Scsi_Host is
meaningless. Such transports deal only with targets and logical units.
This includes all multi-protocol + multi-bus or network infrastructures
such as iSCSI, USB, IEEE 1394.
Stefan Richter
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