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SubjectRe: Doubt about scheduler
Thank you very much Jon. But I think I haven´t explained very well.

I know that now the prio_array and runqueues structs aren´t accesible
for modules, but in the 2.6.5 version they were. I would like to know
the reason, why before they were accesible and now they don´t? If you
could answer me, it would be great. I could to write the reason in my
university job. (In Spain we have to make a final degree job, and mine
is about modules in linux (I chose this), I would like to show
information of the new scheduler, a scheduler monitor, and these fields
are indispensable for me)
I thought in your solution (own kernel tree), but I would like to make a
module that worked in standard distributions. I prefer to make a module
that worked in 2.6.5 version instead to make one that worked in 2.6.12
but with my own kernel tree. So I suposse that I will do that, but
knowing the reason why could serve me to make a better investigation

Thank you again for your help, I will mention you in my final degree job
acknowledge. Please, keep helping me!!! :)

Jon Masters escribió:

>On 3/2/06, Raúl Baena <> wrote:
>>Hello!!!, I´m a student of computer science and I´m doing my final
>>degree job in linux. It is about "linux kernel modules" , I have to know
>>some things of the scheduler. The runqueue struct, and so on. The
>>problem is that in the last linux kernel version in the "sched.h" isn´t
>>defined these structs (prio_array, runqueue...), and I cann´t access to
>>runqueue or prio_array fields. I know that in the 2.6.5 kernel version
>>these fields were accessible and now don´t, could you tell me what is
>>the reason please?
>Deliberately, these aren't available outside of the scheduler so that
>they can't be played with. Much as things like the symbol table aren't
>exported to modules, some things in the kernel aren't even available
>to other parts of the core kernel :-)
>> I think that I´m going to do it (the module) in the 2.6.5 kernel
>>version and will try to explain why, and for this I need your help.
>If you really need to play with this stuff, then why not just make
>your own kernel tree with this hacked up in the scheduler code itself?
>If it's just for you, then that'll work fine. If you would explain
>what it is that you need to do, then someone might be able to offer
>you advice on the general direction to take - see also

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