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SubjectRe: [Patch 0/8] per-task delay accounting
>>>>> "Shailabh" == Shailabh Nagar <> writes:

Shailabh> Peter Chubb wrote:
(microstate accounting patch)
>> It's still maintained in a sporadic sort of way --- I update it
>> when either I need it for something, or someone's downloaded it and
>> asks why it doesn't work agains kernel X.Y.Z. I see a few
>> downloads a month.
Shailabh> So do you intend to pursue acceptance ? If so, do you think
Shailabh> the netlink-based taskstats interface provided by the delay
Shailabh> accounting patches could be an acceptable substitute for the
Shailabh> interfaces you had (from an old lkml post, they appear to be
Shailabh> /proc/tgid/msa and a syscall based one) ?

I'd have to take a close look. The syscall interface is modelled on
getrusage(), and only lets you get your own or your children's data;
I'm not too worried about trashing it, as it should be possible to
emulate in terms of netlink (albeit at a cost; system calls are
relatively cheap)

/proc/<pid>/task/<tid>/msa lets you get at anything you own. I use
awk scripts to process the msa file in /proc/... and pipe it into
gnuplot at n second intervals; a netlink interface would need to have
an auxiliary program to read it and then squirt it into the scripts, I
think --- or is there a way to get ASCII out on demand? I quite often
use cat to do quick checks on whats going on too --- so overall I think
the /proc interface is desirable.

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT ERTOS within National ICT Australia
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