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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-rc regression: m68k CONFIG_RMW_INSNS=n compile broken

On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> It seems the problem is that in the CONFIG_RMW_INSNS=n case, there's no
> cmpxchg #define in include/asm-m68k/system.h required for the
> atomic_add_unless #define in include/asm-m68k/atomic.h.

Hmm. It seems like it never has been there.. Do you know what brought this
on? Was it Nick's RCU changes from "rcuref_dec_and_test()" to
"atomic_dec_and_test()" and friends?

Judging by your error messages, I _think_ it's the "atomic_inc_not_zero()"
that gets expanded to a cmpxchg() that simply doesn't exist on m68k and
never has.

I guess we've never depended on cmpxchg before. Or am I missing something?

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