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    Subject[PATCH 0 of 16] ipath - driver submission for 2.6.17
    This is a submission of the ipath driver for inclusion in 2.6.17.
    Roland, if this looks good to you, please apply.

    Changes since the last round of review comments from Roland:

    - Support for PathScale userland SMA dropped

    - Passes sparse with CF=-D__CHECK_ENDIAN__

    - Builds cleanly on ia64

    - A few other little fixes here and there

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

    The ipath driver is a driver for PathScale InfiniPath host channel
    adapters (HCAs) based on the HT-400 and PE-800 chips, including the
    InfiniPath HT-460, the small form factor InfiniPath HT-460, the InfiniPath
    HT-470 and the Linux Networx LS/X.

    The core driver manages the hardware, and provides a fast memory-mapped
    interface to the hardware for userspace networking applications.
    Our implementation of the Infiniband protocols and integration into the
    kernel's Infiniband stack is written as a layer on top of the core driver.
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