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    SubjectRe: PI patch against 2.6.16-rt9

    * Esben Nielsen <> wrote:

    > > well, another possibility is that the task got blocked again, and we'll
    > > continue boosting _the wrong chain_. I.e. we'll add extra priority to
    > > task(s) that might not deserve it at all (it doesnt own the lock we are
    > > interested in anymore).
    > This can't happen. We are always looking at the first waiter on
    > task->pi_waiter task->pi_lock held when doing the boosting. If task
    > has released the lock the entry task->pi_waiter is gone and no
    > boosting will take place!

    no, the task got blocked _again_, as part of a _new_ blocking chain, and
    there's a _new_ PI waiter! How does the two-lock preemptible boosting
    algorithm ensure that if we are in the middle of boosting a
    blocking-dependency chain:

    T1 -> T2 -> ... -> TI -> TI+1 -> ... TN-1 -> TN

    we are at TI, and we [the task doing the boosting] now get preempted.

    What prevents TI from being part of a _totally new_ blocking-chain,
    where the only similarity between the two chains is that TI is in the
    middle of it:

    T1' -> T2' -> ... -> TI -> TI+1' -> ... TM-1 -> TM'

    the only match between the two chains is 'TI'. Now the algorithm will
    happily walk the wrong boosting chain, and will boost the wrong tasks.

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