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    Subject[PATCH 0/9] I/OAT
    This patch series is the a full release of the Intel(R) I/O
    Acceleration Technology (I/OAT) for Linux. It includes an in kernel API
    for offloading memory copies to hardware, a driver for the I/OAT DMA memcpy
    engine, and changes to the TCP stack to offload copies of received
    networking data to application space.

    Changes from last posting:
    Fixed a page reference leak that happened when offloaded copies were
    set up but never used for a recv.
    Fixed the ioatdma self test to handle failures correctly.
    Serialized DMA ADD and REMOVE events in the networking core with a lock.
    Added a long comment in dmaengine.c to describe the locking and
    reference counting being used.
    Disabled preempt around a use of get_cpu_var.
    Made tcp_dma_try_early_copy static, it is only used in one file.
    Made some GFP_ATOMIC allocations GFP_KERNEL where safe to sleep.
    Made changes to sk_eat_skb, removing some ifdefs in the TCP code.

    These changes apply to DaveM's net-2.6.17 tree as of commit
    68907dad58cd7ef11536e1db6baeb98b20af91b2 ([DCCP]: Use NULL for pointers, comfort sparse.)

    They are available to pull from
    git:// ioat-2.6.17

    There are 9 patches in the series:
    1) The memcpy offload APIs and class code
    2) The Intel I/OAT DMA driver (ioatdma)
    3) Core networking code to setup networking as a DMA memcpy client
    4) Utility functions for sk_buff to iovec offloaded copy
    5) Structure changes needed for TCP receive offload
    6) Rename cleanup_rbuf to tcp_cleanup_rbuf
    7) Make sk_eat_skb aware of early copied packets
    8) Add a sysctl to tune the minimum offloaded I/O size for TCP
    9) The main TCP receive offload changes

    Chris Leech <>
    I/O Acceleration Technology Software Development
    LAN Access Division / Digital Enterprise Group
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