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    SubjectRe: hda-intel woes
    Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
    > Visit
    > Purchase a support contract for customer service, fastest way to get help.

    Several things have escaped you:
    1 - common politeness - the question was reasonable
    2 - sound doesn't work on ASUS laptops up thru at least
    3 - Fedora is user supported

    Having spent months trying to convince people that there was no
    {various_things} to mute or unmute, it didn't work with earphones
    either, etc, I decided that given a choice between (a) Windows, (b) a
    new laptop which might not work either, or (c) a cheap USB sound setup,
    I decided to stop banging my head on that particular rock.

    My friend bought one at the same time I did, he reports that neither the
    latest Fedora kernel,, or 2.6.16 works. Downloading the latest
    ALSA patches may work if they apply to the kernel you have.

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