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SubjectRe: Virtual Serial Port
Mikado wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
>> guest writes to /dev/ttyS0
>> vmware connects its virtual S0 to the host's ttyFakeS0
>> minicom on the host to ttyFakeS0
>>or even
>> vmware S0 to host's ttyS0
>> other remote machine do minicom to ttyS0
>>The reason for FakeS0 is that vmware does not know about ptys,
> Yes, VMWare doesn't support serial port using host's ttys any more. My
> idea is:
> [host - application] <- read/write -> [virtual serial port
> /dev/ttyFakeS0] <- read/write over virtual null-modem serial cable ->
> [host - real serial port /dev/ttyS0] <- read/write -> [VMWare - application]

Although it is quite irrelevant to LKML (you may want to visit and ask there...), you can connect guest's
serial port also to Unix socket - and in such situation you need virtual serial
port driver only if 'host - application' does not know how to use /dev/tty* (for
unix socket <-> /dev/ptyp* app look at

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