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    SubjectRe: Virtual Serial Port
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    > guest writes to /dev/ttyS0
    > vmware connects its virtual S0 to the host's ttyFakeS0
    > minicom on the host to ttyFakeS0
    > or even
    > vmware S0 to host's ttyS0
    > other remote machine do minicom to ttyS0
    > The reason for FakeS0 is that vmware does not know about ptys,
    > unfortunately.

    Yes, VMWare doesn't support serial port using host's ttys any more. My
    idea is:

    [host - application] <- read/write -> [virtual serial port
    /dev/ttyFakeS0] <- read/write over virtual null-modem serial cable ->
    [host - real serial port /dev/ttyS0] <- read/write -> [VMWare - application]

    But today I've just bought an USB-to-Serial converter and made for
    myself a null-modem serial cable. I use this null-modem cable to connect
    /dev/ttyS0 (native serial port) to /dev/tts/USB0 (USB-based serial
    port). My VMWare now can use one of those devices and the host use
    another one. Now above figure can be re-drawn like this:

    [host - application] <- read/write -> [/dev/tts/USB0] <- read/write over
    physical null-modem cable -> [/dev/ttyS0] <- read/write -> [VMWare -

    Anyway, later I'll try to write a device drivers act as virtual serial
    ports and virtual null-modem cables.

    Best regards,
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