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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix bug: flat binary loader doesn't check fd table full
    On 3/25/06, Paul Jackson <> wrote:
    > > > Anyone knows how to avoid "tab to space" converting in gmail?
    > >
    > > If I knew, I'd put it in my .signature :(
    > If you use sendpatchset:
    > with the gmail SMTP server "" you can send patches from
    > your gmail account without tab destruction.
    > The documentation for sendpatchset is within the script. Grep for
    > 'gmail' in the script to see where to hack in your gmail account and
    > password (low tech configuration ;)
    Thank you for your help. But my problem is that I can only access 80
    and 443 ports behind the company firewall :(. So I guess that doesn't
    work for me.

    For now I'll put the patch both in the mail text and as the
    attachment, so maintainers can use the attached right-formatted patch
    and other can also reply my patch in the text. Andrew, is it

    Any google guy here? Please, add this feature in gmail...

    Best regards,
    Luke Yang
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