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    SubjectRe: 2.6.16-ck1
    Stephen Hassard wrote:
    > sky2 1.0?
    > Looks like a found the root cause of the sky2 hangs on pci-express. I
    > copied some code from the SysKonnect driver that reconfigured the
    > pci-express max request size. This probably caused receive dma engine to
    > fail in face of contention. That will teach me to stop copy/pasting in
    > bugs.
    > ---
    > It might fix some of you issues ..

    I'll backport again from git. The patch i sent was equivalent to 2.6.16
    sky2 module, but i see new patches that came in netdev-2.6.

    [PATCH] sky2: more ethtool stats
    [PATCH] sky2 version 1.1
    [PATCH] sky2: handle all error irqs
    [PATCH] sky2: transmit recovery
    [PATCH] sky2: whitespace fixes
    [PATCH] sky2: add MSI support
    [PATCH] sky2: coalescing parameters
    [PATCH] sky2: rework of NAPI and IRQ management
    [PATCH] sky2: drop broken wake on lan support
    [PATCH] sky2: remove support for untested Yukon EC ...
    sky2: truncate oversize packets
    sky2: force early transmit interruptsdiff to current
    sky2: not random enough

    Edouard Gomez

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