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SubjectRe: Announce: kdb v4.4 is available for kernel 2.6.16
Keith Owens (on Tue, 21 Mar 2006 16:59:24 +1100) wrote:
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>KDB (Linux Kernel Debugger) has been updated for kernel 2.6.16.
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>subscriber only. If you reply to this mail, you may wish to trim
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Updates to kdb v4.4-2.6.16-{common,i386,ia64}-1, moving to -2. Mainly
to get more forceful with stuck cpus on IA64, where the "non-maskable"
interrupt is masked by local_irq_disable().

We finally get decent backtraces on stuck IA64 cpus. It took a long
time to get there, KDB could not change until the base kernel could
cope with INIT and recover correctly.

2006-03-22 Keith Owens <>

* Add some more xpc flags. Dean Nelson, SGI.
* Replace open coded counter references with atomic_read().
* Pass early_uart_console to early_uart_setup(). Francois
Wellenreiter, Bull.
* Replace open code with for_each_online_cpu().
* If cpus do not come into kdb after a few seconds then let
architectures send a more forceful interrupt.
* Close a timing race with KDB_ENTER_SLAVE.
* kdb v4.4-2.6.16-common-2.

2006-03-24 Keith Owens <>

* Define a dummy kdba_wait_for_cpus().
* kdb v4.4-2.6.16-i386-2.

2006-03-24 Keith Owens <>

* Use INIT to interrupt cpus that do not respond to a normal kdb IPI.
* Remove KDBA_MCA_TRACE from arch/ia64/kernel/mca.c.
* kdb v4.4-2.6.16-ia64-2.

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