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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-mm1
On Fri, 03/24/06 at 03:39:34 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Brandon Low <> wrote:
> >
> > I hadn't noticed immediately in the ooops, but it is something to do
> > with the Hardware Abstraction Layer Daemon from
> > I can't reproduce it without that daemon loaded either. I wonder if the
> > last accessed sysfs file mentioned in the oops (sda/size) is relevent
> > also.
> >
> > My exact steps (with hald loaded) are:
> > plug in ipod
> > mount /mnt/ipod
> > unzip -d /mnt/ipod
> > eject /dev/sda
> > unplug ipod
> > immediately here, the oops prints.
> Still no joy, alas.
> git-cfq.patch plays with the elevator exit code for all IO schedulers.
> Would you be able to do
> wget
> patch -p1 -R < git-cfq.patch
> and retest?
> Thanks.

It is definitely this patch. Identical steps (also used an untainted
kernel for both tests) on -mm1 with and without that patch, and when the
patch is reversed, I cannot cause the oops. I booted into single user
mode (to dodge tainting and any other weirdness), started the dbus
system message daemon and hald (which depends on dbus), then performed
the steps mentioned above.

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