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    SubjectRe: [ck] swap prefetching merge plans
    Op donderdag 23 maart 2006 08:04, schreef Con Kolivas:
    > On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 03:53 pm, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > A look at the -mm lineup for 2.6.17:
    > >
    > > mm-implement-swap-prefetching.patch
    > > mm-implement-swap-prefetching-fix.patch
    > > mm-implement-swap-prefetching-tweaks.patch
    > >
    > > Still don't have a compelling argument for this, IMO.

    well, the reason i use it is my computer is much more reactive in the morning.
    linux uses to get very slow after a night of not-doing-much except some
    'sleep 5h && blabla' and cron stuff. in the morning it takes a few HOURS to
    get up and running smoothly. with swap prefetch, it actually feels faster
    compared to a fresh boot. now you can force swap prefetch to start working, i
    use it now and then after some heavy taskts which pulled everything to swap.

    > For those users who feel they do have a compelling argument for it, please
    > speak now or I'll end up maintaining this in -ck only forever. I've come
    > to depend on it with my workloads now so I'm never dropping it. There's no
    > point me explaining how it is useful yet again, though, because I just end
    > up looking like I'm handwaving. It seems a shame for it not to be available
    > to all linux users.
    > Cheers,
    > Con
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