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SubjectRe: [RFCLUE2] 64 bit driver 32 bit app ioctl
Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 07:06 -0800, William D Waddington wrote:
>>Apologies for dashing this off without the proper homework. My
>>customer is out of country doing an installation, and didn't test
>>this configuration first :(
>>Customer is running RHEL3 on a 64 bit PC. Running the 64 bit kernel
>>and my 64 bit driver. They are calling the driver from their 32 bit
>>app. The driver supports a whole mess of ioctls.
>>It seems that the kernel is trapping the 32-bit ioctl call and returning
>>an error to the app w/out calling the driver. It looks like
>>register_ioctl32_conversion() can convice the kernel that the driver can
>>handle 32-bit calls, but it has to be called for each ioctl cmd (??)
> you forgot to attach you code btw or post the url to it..

No I didn't :) It's just too ugly for public view. And I notice it
needs some other fix-ups like fixed width data types in the ioctl

Thanks to all for the info. I've got some typing to do.


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