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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 0/7] Some basic vserver infrastructure
Sam Vilain wrote:

>Using the term "task_ns" and ID term "nsid":
> CONFIG_TASK_NS - config option
> typedef unsigned int nsid_t;
> struct task_ns
> task_struct->task_ns
> task_struct->nsid
> task_nsid(struct task*) - get an NSID from a task_struct
> current_nsid - get NSID for current
> task_ns_state(struct task_ns*, TASK_NS_STATE_FOO) - does task_ns hav...
> create_task_ns - creates a new context and "hashes" it
> lookup_task_ns - lookup a task_ns by nsid
> get_task_ns - increase refcount of a task_ns
> [...]
> release_task_ns - decrease the process count for a task_ns
> task_get_task_ns - like get_task_ns, but by process
> task_ns_migrate_task - join task to a task_ns
> task_ns_printk - debugging printk (for CONFIG_TASK_NS_DEBUG)
> task_ns_hist_alloc_task_ns - history tracing (for CONFIG_TASK_NS_HI...
> constants:
> TASK_NS_STATE_FOO - state bits
> TASK_NS_FLAG_FOO - task_ns flags (to select features)
> TASK_NS_CAP_FOO - task_ns-specific capabilities
> TASK_NS_CMD_get_version - task_ns subcommand names

One more (apparently suggested by Eric Biederman, though perhaps he had
different ideas about what it would look like)

CONFIG_SPACE - config option
typedef unsigned int space_t;
struct space_info;
task_space_id(struct task*) - get an SPACE_ID from a task_struct
current_space_id - get SPACE_ID for current
space_info_state(struct space_info*, TASK_SPACE_STATE_FOO) - does ...
create_space - creates a new space and "hashes" it
lookup_space - lookup a space_info by space_id
get_space_info - increase refcount of a space_info
put_space_info - decrease refcount of a space_info
grab_space - increase the process count for a space
release_space - decrease the process count for a space
task_get_space_info - like get_space_info, but by process
space_migrate_task - join task to a space
space_printk - debugging printk (for CONFIG_SPACE_DEBUG)
space_hist_alloc_space - history tracing (for CONFIG_SPACE_HI...
SPACE_STATE_FOO - state bits
SPACE_FLAG_FOO - task_ns flags (to select features)
SPACE_CAP_FOO - task_ns-specific capabilities
SPACE_CMD_get_version - task_ns subcommand names

Something like that, anyway. I must admit "Task Spaces" sounds a little
less dorky than "Task Namespaces", but doesn't roll off the tongue that
well because of the '-sk s..' combination.


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