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SubjectRe: PATCH][1/8] 2.6.15 mlock: make_pages_wired/unwired
Stone Wang wrote:
> We dont account HugeTLB pages for:
> 1. HugeTLB pages themselves are not reclaimable.
> 2. If we count HugeTLB pages in "Wired",then we would have no mind
> how many of the "Wired" are HugeTLB pages, and how many are
> normal-size pages.
> Thus, hard to get a clear map of physical memory use,for example:
> how many pages are reclaimable?
> If we must count HugeTLB pages,more fields should be added to
> "/proc/meminfo",
> for exmaple: "Wired HugeTLB:", "Wired Normal:".

Then why do you wire them at all? Your unwire function does not appear
to be able to unwire them.

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