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SubjectRe: [PATCH][0/8] (Targeting 2.6.17) Posix memory locking and balanced mlock-LRU semantic
On 3/20/06, Arjan van de Ven <> wrote:
> > 1. Posix mlock/munlock/mlockall/munlockall.
> > Get mlock/munlock/mlockall/munlockall to Posix definiton: transaction-like,
> > just as described in the manpage(2) of mlock/munlock/mlockall/munlockall.
> > Thus users of mlock system call series will always have an clear map of
> > mlocked areas.
> > 2. More consistent LRU semantics in Memory Management.
> > Mlocked pages is placed on a separate LRU list: Wired List.
> please give this a more logical name, such as mlocked list or pinned
> list

Shaoping, thanks for doing this work, it is something I have been
thinking about for the past few weeks. It's especially nice to be
able to see how many pages are pinned in this manner.

Might I suggest calling it the long_term_pinned list? It also might
be worth putting ramdisk pages on this list, since they cannot be
written out in response to memory pressure. This would eliminate the

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