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Subject[patch 0/2] sys_setitimer and sys_alarm hotfixes (take #2)

The hrtimer merge breaks sys_alarm() with a timeout value > INT_MAX
due to a unsigned to signed conversion. Timeout values > INT_MAX are
legitimate usage of alarm(), so this has to be corrected.

Due to a missing validation check of the userspace itimer values non
canonical timespecs can be provided to the setitimer code. While the
pre 2.6.16 code converted negative timevals to a long timeout
(depending on HZ) the hrtimer code treats them as expired. Also on
32 bit machines non normalized timevals might cause random behaviour
of the optimized ktime_t operations. Due to the historical behaviour
we can not suddenly return -EINVAL in such cases, but we have to
fixup the values to avoid random behaviour.



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