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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 1/6] prepare sysctls for containers
Herbert Poetzl <> writes:
> sure, basically we have two cases which interact
> with userspace: the read and the write case.
> for the read case, we want something which gives
> us the 'virtualized' view, which might often be
> the same as the host gets, where for the write
> case it is usually not that simple, as we might
> not want a context to write to 'world' stuff
> so, having two different functions here, or one
> which gets passed the direction, might be much
> simpler to adjust in many cases than adding more
> and more structures ... but YMMV

I'm not convinced either way yet but my gut feel is that
the use case for get/put functions is incomplete permission
checks on various sysctls.

If that is the fixing the permission checks looks like the
right thing to do.

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