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SubjectRe: Problem with a CD
On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 09:53:30PM +0100, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >
> >Since this is a video cd, the files associated with the stream cannot
> >be accessed by mounting the medium.
> It's because the video data is outside the iso9660 fs, is not it?
> >The filesystem of VCD is not a
> >normal filesystem, so you have to rip the video stream by using a tool
> >like vcdxrip.

Ah, ok. Sorry for the noise. I had never seen a VCD before. I just tried
to do
xine vcd://
one one of the computers and it worked perfectly.

However, under windows, what I did was simply to open the disc in the
explorer, look at the files, right-click on the largest file to open it
with windows media player, or drag and drop it to copy it on the hard
drive, without any special tool.

I find it a bit deceptive that linux lets me mount the filesystem but not
access the files. It would be actually better, I feel, if mount
would refuse to work on a vcd and display some informative failure
message rather than mount an unreadable filesystem...



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