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    SubjectRe: kernel patch set - please read
    On 3/13/06, James Mcloughlin <> wrote:
    > Hello from the uk,
    > I upgrade old raq3/4 servers to newer operating systems usually centos.
    > There is still thousands of them out there, hosting websites.
    > People realise that these old boxes are still good for hosting, as you
    > dont need a super 3ghz server for a few small web sites...
    > I wonder if you would consider adding cobalt hardware support to the 2.6
    > kernel tree?

    Such suggestions are usually quite well recieved in the form of actual
    patches - someone needs to do the work.

    When the work is done and patches are submitted for review most people
    usually view such contributions favorably. So get hacking :-)

    Jesper Juhl <>
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