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SubjectRe: [future of drivers?] a proposal for binary drivers.
On 3/10/06, Eduard Bloch <> wrote:
> Strongly following this attitude they need to expand the current
> MODULE_LICENSE insanity into userspace. The are lots of evil powers,
> using non-GPL-ed software which calls the holy GPLed syscall handlers.
> Honestly, using double standards this way sucks. The last strike I
> stubled over was putting class device registration methods into the GPL
> "enforcing" macros, cloacked as mandatory interface changes.
> This is no longer funny, it is on the same level as drawing a line
> around the toilet box and saying: you cannot use it any longer, go and
> piss somewhere else even if you have to search two hours for a suitable
> place.

I'm not sure how the analogy of a toilet fits either the linux kernel
or the idea that I'm somehow obligated to work without compensation so
some corporation can make a profit I get no share in.

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