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    SubjectLinux v2.6.16-rc6

    Ok, we're getting closer, although the 2.6.16 release certainly seems to
    drag out more than it should have.

    Some of the worrisome bootup problems seem to have been resolved to a
    stupid build-time race, where we just generated an empty version string.

    The diffstat shows that the largest changes here are the ia64 defconfig
    updates, much of the rest really is pretty small, but all over the map.
    Some ocfs2 and 9pfs fixes and updates, and various driver and networking

    The ShortLog (appended) gives a pretty good picture of it,



    Adam Belay:
    pnp bus type fix

    Adrian Bunk:
    V4L/DVB (3337): Drivers/media/dvb/frontends/mt312.c: cleanups
    V4L/DVB (3341): Upstream sync - make 2 structs static
    add missing pm_power_off's
    arch/sh/Kconfig: don't source non-existing Kconfig files
    xtensa must set RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK=y

    Alan Stern:
    USB: unusual_devs entry for Lyra RCA RD1080

    Alessandro Zummo:
    [ARM] 3353/1: NAS100d: protect nas100d_power_exit() with machine_is_nas100d()

    Alexey Dobriyan:
    video1394: fix "return E;" typo
    V4L/DVB (3413): Typos grab bag of the month

    Andi Kleen:
    i386: port ATI timer fix from x86_64 to i386 II
    block: disable block layer bouncing for most memory on 64bit systems

    Andrew Fuller:
    USB: Wisegroup MP-8866 Dual USB Joypad

    Andrew Morton:
    nommu: implement vmalloc_node()
    out_of_memory(): use of uninitialised
    out_of_memory() locking fix
    numa_maps-update fix
    3c509: bus registration fix

    Andrew Vasquez:
    [SCSI] fc_transport: stop creating duplicate rport entries.

    Antonino A. Daplas:
    neofb: Fix uninitialized value
    arcfb: Fix uninitialized value
    kyrofb: Fix uninitialized value
    arcfb: Fix dereference before NULL check
    s1d13xxxfb: Fix resource leak
    imsttfb: Fix resource leak
    savagefb: Fix kfree before use
    intelfb: Fix buffer overrun
    tdfxfb: Fix buffer overrun
    aty128fb: Fix array overrun
    radeonfb: Fix static array overrun

    Arjan van de Ven:
    edac: disable a few sysfs files to avoid them becoming an ABI

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
    [REQSK]: Don't reset rskq_defer_accept in reqsk_queue_alloc

    Atsushi Nemoto:
    [MIPS] Use generic compat routines for readdir, getdents
    [MIPS] Use USECS_PER_SEC / HZ instead of tick_usec in do_gettimeofday.
    x86: fix potential jiffies overflow in timer_resume()
    time: add barrier after updating jiffies_64
    __get_unaligned() gcc-4 fix
    mtd: 64 bit fixes

    Badari Pulavarty:
    ext3: fix nobh mode for chattr +j inodes

    Bastian Blank:
    s390: fix match in ccw modalias

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
    powerpc: vdso 64bits gettimeofday bug
    Add mm->task_size and fix powerpc vdso
    powerpc: Fix old g5 issues with windfarm
    powerpc: Fix windfarm_pm112 not starting all control loops
    powerpc: Expose SMT and L1 icache snoop userland features
    powerpc: incorrect rmo_top handling in prom_init
    windfarm license fix

    Bjorn Helgaas:
    [IA64] gensparse_defconfig: turn on PNPACPI
    [IA64] don't report !sn2 or !summit hardware as an error
    [IA64] SGI SN drivers: don't report !sn2 hardware as an error

    Brian King:
    [SCSI] sg: Remove aha1542 hack
    [SCSI] scsi: scsi command retries off by one fix

    Catalin Marinas:
    [ARM] 3352/1: DSB required for the completion of a TLB maintenance operation

    Chas Williams:
    [ATM]: keep atmsvc failure messages quiet

    Chris Wright:
    update email address
    LSM mail list has moved

    Christian Ehrhardt:
    s390: Increase spinlock retry code performance

    Christoph Hellwig:
    [IA64-SGI] revert export sn_pcidev_info_get
    [SCSI] scsi: handle ->slave_configure return value
    [SCSI] megaraid_sas: fix physical disk handling
    remove __put_task_struct_cb export again

    Christoph Lameter:
    Fix sys_migrate_pages: Move all pages when invoked from root
    remove_from_swap: fix locking
    time_interpolator: Use readq_relaxed() instead of readq().
    numa_maps: Fix potential crash on non IA64 platforms
    numa_maps update
    [IA64] Fix race in the accessed/dirty bit handlers
    vmscan: no zone_reclaim if PF_MALLOC is set
    slab: Node rotor for freeing alien caches and remote per cpu pages.

    Cornelia Huck:
    s390: improve response code handling in chsc_enable_facility()

    Daniele Venzano:
    Fix Wake on LAN support in sis900

    Darren Jenkins:
    synclink_gt: make ->init_error signed

    Dave Johnson:
    cramfs mounts provide corrupted content since 2.6.15

    Dave Jones:
    x86 microcode driver vs hotplug CPUs.

    David Brownell:
    USB: fix EHCI BIOS handshake
    pcmcia: add another ide-cs CF card id

    David Gibson:
    powerpc: Fix incorrect pud_ERROR() message

    David S. Miller:
    [TG3]: Fix Sun tg3 variant detection.
    [SUNSU]: Fix locking error in sunsu_stop_rx().
    [SPARC64]: Mark __ex_table section correctly.
    Wrong return value corrupts free object in e1000 driver

    David Woodhouse:
    jffs2: avoid divide-by-zero

    Dipankar Sarma:
    rcu batch tuning
    fix file counting

    Dmitry Torokhov:
    Input: psmouse - disable autoresync

    Dominik Brodowski:
    pcmcia: properly handle pseudo multi-function devices

    Doug Warzecha:
    dcdbas: dcdbas_pdev referenced after platform_device_unregister on exit

    Edgar Hucek:
    EFI: Fix gdt load

    Eric Sandeen:
    [XFS] Don't map non-uptodate buffers in xfs_probe_cluster; also fixes

    Eric Sesterhenn:
    chelsio: fix kmalloc failure in t1_espi_create

    Eric Van Hensbergen:
    v9fs: fix bug in atomic create open fix
    v9fs: simplify fid mapping

    Franck Bui-Huu:
    USB: lh7a40x gadget driver: Fixed a dead lock

    Francois Romieu:
    via-velocity: fix memory corruption when changing the mtu
    8139cp: fix broken suspend/resume
    de2104x: prevent interrupt before the interrupt handler is registered
    de2104x: fix the TX watchdog

    Gerald Schaefer:
    s390: fix strnlen_user return value

    GOTO Masanori:
    x86: Fix i386 nmi_watchdog that does not trigger die_nmi

    Greg KH:
    fix build breakage in eeh.c in 2.6.16-rc5-git5

    Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    USB Serial: fix use-after-free bug in usb-serial core

    Hans Verkuil:
    V4L/DVB (3354): Fix maximum for the saturation and contrast controls.

    Harald Welte:
    pcmcia: CM4000, CM4040 Driver fixes

    Hartmut Hackmann:
    V4L/DVB (3378): Restore power on defaults of tda9887 after tda8290 probe
    V4L/DVB (3395): Fixed Pinnacle 300i DVB-T support

    Hendrik Schweppe:
    USB: visor.c id for gspda smartphone

    Herbert Xu:
    [IPSEC] esp: Kill unnecessary block and indentation
    [IPSEC]: Kill post_input hook and do NAT-T in esp_input directly

    [IA64] Document the "nomca" boot parameter

    Horst Hummel:
    s390: dasd partition detection
    s390: dasd proc interface typo

    Hugh Dickins:
    page_add_file_rmap(): remove BUG_ON()s
    fix pcmcia_device_probe oops

    Ian Abbott:
    USB: ftdi_sio: new microHAM device IDs

    Ian McDonald:
    [DCCP] ccid3: Divide by zero fix

    Ingo Molnar:
    idle threads should have a sane ->timestamp value

    Ivan Kokshaysky:
    alpha: fix IRQ handling lockup

    Jack Steiner:
    [IA64-SGI] Make number of TIO nodes configurable
    Increase max kmalloc size for very large systems
    slab: allocate larger cache_cache if order 0 fails

    Jan Beulich:
    kbuild: version.h should depend on .kernelrelease

    Jan Blunck:
    s390: fix compile with VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING=n

    Jean Delvare:
    Fix error handling in backlight drivers

    Jeff Garzik:
    [libata] Disable FUA
    s2io: set_multicast_list bug

    Jeff Kirsher:
    e1000: revert to single descriptor for legacy receive path

    Jeff Mahoney:
    ocfs2: fix -Wformat warnings when building UML on x86-64
    ocfs2: complete failure recovery for nodemanager init
    reiserfs: fix unaligned bitmap usage

    Jens Axboe:
    cfq-iosched: slice expiry fixups

    Jes Sorensen:
    [IA64] show "SN Devices" menu only if CONFIG_SGI_SN
    [IA64] sysctl option to silence unaligned trap warnings

    Jesper Juhl:
    NE2000 Kconfig help entry improvement

    Jesse Allen:
    pcmcia: add id for AMB8110 PC Card

    Joel Becker:
    ocfs2: Set .owner on masklog sysfs attributes.
    ocfs2: Respond to on-disk corruption in the extent map code.

    Johannes Stezenbach:
    V4L/DVB (3385): Dvb: fix __init/__exit section references in av7110 driver

    John Bowler:
    drivers/mtd/redboot.c: recognise a foreign byte sex partition table
    "drivers/mtd/redboot.c: recognise a foreign byte sex partition table" update

    John Rose:
    powerpc: fix dynamic PCI probe regression

    Jon Mason:
    dl2k: DMA freeing error

    Jürgen E. Fischer:
    [SCSI] aha152x: fix variable use before initialisation and other bugs

    KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki:
    memory-hotplug compile fix

    Karsten Keil:
    i4l: add new PCI IDs for HFC-S PCI
    i4l: fix refcounting problem with ttyIx devices
    i4l: fix compatiblity issue with big endian systems

    Karsten Suehring:
    V4L/DVB (3347): Pinnacle PCTV 40i: add filtered Composite2 input

    Ken Chen:
    [IA64] cleanup in fsys.S

    Kirill Korotaev:
    ext3: ext3_symlink should use GFP_NOFS allocations inside

    Latchesar Ionkov:
    v9fs: fix atomic create open
    v9fs: fix for access to unitialized variables or freed memory

    Linus Torvalds:
    Revert "x86_64: Only do the clustered systems have unsynchronized TSC assumption on IBM systems"
    ppc64: make sure to align stack pointer to 16 bytes at boot
    Fix "check_slabp" printout size calculation
    Add early-boot-safety check to cond_resched()
    Allocate 96 bytes for SCSI sense data reply
    slab: clarify and fix calculate_slab_order()
    Simplify fifo_open() locking logic
    slab: fix calculate_slab_order() for SLAB_RECLAIM_ACCOUNT
    Mark the pipe file operations static
    Linux 2.6.16-rc6

    Manu Abraham:
    V4L/DVB (3340): Make a struct static

    Marc Zyngier:
    Fix Specialix SX corruption

    Marco Schluessler:
    V4L/DVB (3403): Workaround to fix initialization for Nexus CA

    Mark Brown:
    Add missing ifdef for VIA RNG code

    Mark Fasheh:
    ocfs2: remove pointless max journal size limit
    ocfs2: remove unused code
    ocfs2: remove non existing function prototypes
    ocfs2: fix orphan recovery deadlock
    ocfs2: use hlists for lockres hash
    powerpc: restore eeh_add_device_late() prototype stub

    Martin Michlmayr:
    [MMC] au1xmmc: Fix compilation error by using platform_driver
    [MMC] au1xmmc: Fix linking error because mmc_rsp_type doesn't exist
    [MMC] au1xmmc: Fix a compilation warning ('status' is not used)
    [SERIAL] ip22zilog: Fix oops on runlevel change with serial console

    Martin Schwidefsky:
    s390: iucv message limit for smsg

    Matt Mackall:
    dac960: add disk entropy in request completions

    Matthew Wilcox:
    [IA64] Fix pcibios_setup
    [SCSI] Fix uninitialised width and speed in sym2

    Mattias Nordstrom:
    V4L/DVB (3382): Fix stv0297 for qam128 on tt c1500 (saa7146)

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
    V4L/DVB (3300a): Removing personal email from DVB maintainers

    Max Asbock:
    ibmasm: use after free fix

    Michael Chan:
    [TG3]: Add DMA address workaround

    Michael Ellerman:
    powerpc/iseries: Fix double phys_to_abs bug in htab_bolt_mapping

    Michael Krufky:
    V4L/DVB (3336): Bt8xx documentation authors fix
    V4L/DVB (3352): Cxusb: fix lgdt3303 naming
    V4L/DVB (3399): ELSA EX-VISION 500TV: fix incorrect PCI subsystem ID

    Michael Matz:
    fix kexec asm

    Miklos Szeredi:
    fuse: fix bug in negative lookup

    Nathan Scott:
    [XFS] Fix a realtime allocator regression introduced by an old iget race
    [XFS] Reduce stack use during quota mounts (caused a panic). This

    md: Fix several raid1 bugs which cause a memory leak

    Nick Piggin:
    smaps: hugepages fix
    smaps: shared fix

    Olaf Hering:
    powerpc: fix NULL pointer in handle_eeh_events

    Pat Gefre:
    Altix: more ioc3 cleanups and locking fixes
    Altix: small ioc4 oversight

    Patrick McHardy:
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: don't copy registered rerouter data
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: check if rerouter is present before using it
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: fix rerouting after packet mangling
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: remove unnecessary check for outfn
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: fix end-of-list check
    [NETFILTER]: Restore {ipt,ip6t,ebt}_LOG compatibility

    Paul Fulghum:
    tty buffering: comment out debug code

    Paul Mackerras:
    powerpc: Fix might-sleep warning in program check exception handler
    powerpc: Turn off verbose debug output in powermac platform functions
    powerpc32: Fix timebase synchronization on 32-bit powermacs
    powerpc: Fix various syscall/signal/swapcontext bugs

    Pavel Machek:
    serial core: work around sub-driver bugs

    Pavel Roskin:
    pcmcia: Add macro to match PCMCIA cards by numeric ID and first vendor string
    pcmcia: avoid binding hostap_cs to Orinoco cards

    Pete Zaitcev:
    ieee80211_rx.c: is_beacon

    Peter Staubach:
    ramfs needs to update directory m/ctime on symlink

    Phillip Susi:
    udf: fix uid/gid options and add uid/gid=ignore and forget options

    Ralf Baechle:
    [MIPS] Use "=R" constraint to avoid compiler errors in cmpxchg().
    [MIPS] SMP: Fix initialization order bug.
    [MIPS] Fix atomic*_sub_if_positive return value.
    [SCSI] Delete duplicate driver template.
    [MIPS] Initialize S-cache function pointers even on S-cache-less CPUs.
    [MIPS] Fix build error on processors that don's support copy-on-write.
    [MIPS] Threaten removal of code for NEC DDB5074 and DDB5476 evaluation boards.
    [MIPS] A struct console.setup function may not be __init.
    [MIPS] Enable highmem for all MIPS32 and MIPS64 processors.
    [MIPS] Discard .exit.text at runtime.
    [MIPS] Momentum: Resurrect after things were moved around a while ago.
    [MIPS] Scatter a bunch of __init over tlbex.c.
    [MIPS] Undefine scr_writew and scr_readw in <asm/vga.h>.
    [MIPS] Always pass -msoft-float.

    Randy Dunlap:
    [NET] compat ifconf: fix limits

    Ricardo Cerqueira:
    V4L/DVB (3348): Fixed saa7134 ALSA initialization with multiple cards

    Roland Dreier:
    IB/srp: Don't send task management commands after target removal

    Roman Zippel:
    m68k: fix cmpxchg compile errors if CONFIG_RMW_INSNS=n

    Russ Anderson:
    [IA64] Increase severity of MCA recovery messages
    [IA64] mca recovery return value when no bus check

    Russell King:
    [SERIAL] Fix two bugs in parport_serial

    Sam Ravnborg:
    [ATM]: [fore200e] fix section mismatch warnings
    de620: fix section mismatch warning

    Shaohua Li:
    x86: cpu model calculation for family 6 cpu

    Shaun Tancheff:
    USB: Gadget RNDIS fix alloc bug. (buffer overflow)

    Stefan Seyfried:
    fix acpi_video_flags on x86-64

    Stephen Hemminger:
    sky2: remove MSI support
    [BRIDGE]: fix crash in STP
    [BRIDGE]: port timer initialization
    [BRIDGE]: generate kobject remove event
    sky2: not random enough
    sky2: force early transmit interrupts
    sky2: truncate oversize packets

    Stephen Smalley:
    selinux: tracer SID fix

    Steve French:
    [CIFS] Always match oplock break (cache notification) to the right tcp

    Sunil Mushran:
    ocfs2: added source addr to bind() in o2net_start_connect()

    Takashi Iwai:
    alsa: fix error paths in snd_ctl_elem_add()

    Tejun Heo:
    sata_sil: add board ID for 3512
    sata_sil: implement R_ERR on DMA activate FIS errata fix

    Thomas Graf:
    [NETFILTER] ip_queue: Fix wrong skb->len == nlmsg_len assumption

    Tim Small:
    edac: mark as experimental

    Tony Lindgren:
    fix next_timer_interrupt() for hrtimer

    Tony Luck:
    [IA64] die_if_kernel() can return
    [IA64] refresh default config files

    Vladimir V. Saveliev:
    reiserfs: do not check if unsigned < 0

    Yasunori Goto:
    memory hotadd: pgdat->node_present_pages fix

    Zhang, Yanmin:
    [IA64] Delete a redundant instruction in unaligned_access
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