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SubjectRe: Terminate process that fails on a constrained allocation V3
On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Andi Kleen wrote:

> > - Do not return NULL and therefore do not change the return values of
> > __alloc_pages.
> Hmm, to make this work well i guess mmap() would need to be changed
> to take the policy into account when doing the !MAP_NORESERVE checking
> when the kernel runs in strict no overcommit mode.
> Otherwise there is no fool proof way an application can prevent getting killed.

There is no fool proof way right now for the MPOL_BIND case.

> And mbind() would need to recompute it and fail if the new policy's possible
> allocation are not guaranteed to work.

Well we need to fix that but the patch does not introduce the problem.

> Doing this all properly would probably get quite messy.

I'd say making overcommit working nicely with MPOL_BIND is yet another
fundamental issue for the policy layer but it does not matter for this
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