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SubjectRE: [2.6 patch] let IA64_GENERIC select more stuff
Adrian Bunk wrote on Tuesday, February 07, 2006 6:09 PM
> > CONFIG_IA64_GENERIC is a platform type choice, you can have platform
> > type of DIG, HPZX1, SGI SN2, or all of the above. DIG platform depends
> > on ACPI, thus need ACPI on. SGI altix is a numa box, thus, need NUMA
> > on. NEC, Fujitsu build numa machines with ACPI SRAT table, thus, need
> > ACPI_NUMA on. When you build a kernel to boot on all platforms, you
> > have no choice but to turn on all of the above. Processor type and SMP
> > is different from platform type. It does not have any dependency on
> > platform type. They are orthogonal choice.
> This is interesting, considering that e.g. IA64_SGI_SN2=y, NUMA=n or
> IA64_DIG=y, ACPI=n are currently allowed configurations.

Right, that is what Matthew Wilcox said in earlier thread.

> > > Keith said IA64_GENERIC should select all the options required in
> > > order to run on all the IA64 platforms out there.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > This is what my patch does.
> >
> > You patch does more than what you described and is wrong. Selecting
> > platform type should not be tied into selecting SMP nor should it tied
> This was what Keith wanted.
> It seems everyone thinks I am wrong, but when I'm implementing what one
> person suggests, other people say that what I am doing is wrong.

You have to digest what people say and *understand* why they said what they
say. Checking earlier thread, Keith did not say "select CONFIG_ITANIUM
for generic ia64 platforms".

> > Theoretically and maybe academically interesting, I should be able to
> > build a kernel that boots on all UP platforms, with your patch, that
> > is not possible.
> Theoretically and maybe academically interesting, I should be able to
> build a kernel that boots on all non-NUMA platforms, currently, that is
> not possible.

This is going too far and very childish in my opinion. I'm going to shut

- Ken

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