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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] cpuset memory spread basic implementation

* Paul Jackson <> wrote:

> It's job specific, and cache specific.
> If the job has a number of threads hitting the same data set and:
> 1) the data set is faulted in non-uniformly (perhaps some
> job init task reads it in), and
> 2) the data set is accessed with little thread locality
> (one thread is as likely as the next to read or write
> a particular page),
> then for that job spreading makes sense.
> If the cache is one that goes with a data set, such as file system
> buffers (page cache) and inode and dentry slab caches, then for that
> cache spreading makes sense. (Yes Andrew, your xfs query is still in
> my queue.)
> But for many (most?) other jobs and other caches, the default
> node-local policy is better.

what type of objects need to be spread (currently)? It seems that your
current focus is on filesystem related objects: pagecache, inodes,
dentries - correct? Is there anything else that needs to be spread? In
particular, does any userspace mapped memory need to be spread - or is
it handled with other mechanisms?

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