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    SubjectRe: OOM behavior in constrained memory situations
    Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
    > There are situations in which memory allocations are restricted by policy,
    > by a cpuset or by type of allocation.
    > I propose that we need different OOM behavior for the cases in which the
    > user has imposed a limit on what type of memory to be allocated. In that
    > case the application should be terminate with OOM. The OOM killer should
    > not run.
    > The huge page allocator has already been modified to return a Bus Error
    > because it would otherwise trigger the OOM killer. Its a bit strange
    > if an app returns a Bus Error because it its out of memory.
    > Could we modify the system so that the application requesting
    > memory is terminated with an out of memory condition if
    > 1. No huge pages are available anymore.
    > 2. The application has set a policy that restricts allocation to
    > certain nodes.
    > 3. An application is restricted by a cpuset to certain nodes.
    > 4. An application has requested large amounts of memory and the
    > allocation fails.
    > That should avoid the OOM killer in most situations.

    Do we really want to kill the application? A more convetional response
    would be to return NULL from the page allocator and let that trickle back.

    The hugepage thing is special, because it's a pagefault, not a syscall.
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