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SubjectRe: Linux v2.6.16-rc5 - regression
Peter Hagervall <> wrote:
> In -rc5 the printk timing numbers do not reset to [ 0.000000] upon
> boot.

What numbers are you getting now?

> This worked in -rc4 and so I started bisecting and git came up
> with:
> commit 9827b781f20828e5ceb911b879f268f78fe90815
> Author: Kurt Garloff <>
> Date: Mon Feb 20 18:27:51 2006 -0800
> [PATCH] OOM kill: children accounting
> I can't see why that would break the timing information, but I'll just
> assume that git was right, and tell you guys.

Well yes, it'll be something else - perhaps some TSC change or something.
We'd need to know what architecture you're using...

Anwyay, these numbers aren't supposed to measure anything absolute like
uptime - they're purely for relative timing. It would be nice to get them
increasing monotonically from zero, but we wouldn't bust a gut to achieve
that - it's just a debugging thing.
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