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SubjectRe: [PATCH] leave APIC code inactive by default on i386
On 1/20/06, Darrick J. Wong <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Some old i386 systems have flaky APIC hardware that doesn't always work
> right. Right now, enabling the APIC code in Kconfig means that the APIC
> code will try to activate the APICs unless 'noapic nolapic' are passed
> to force them off. The attached patch provides a config option to
> change that default to keep the APICs off unless specified otherwise,
> disables get_smp_config if we are not initializing the local APIC, and
> makes init_apic_mappings not init the IOAPICs if they are disabled.
> Note that the current behavior is maintained if


Did this hit the floor? It strikes me as a pretty good solution. This
is pretty nasty for newbies installing distro kernels, they get some
of the way through an install and then their machine just locks - not
good PR.

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